Like a fine, red wine, his voice is rich and full bodied with notes of majesty, drama, and allure.
Marice Tobias

"The Voice Whisperer", Tobias Entertainment Group

About Lofty

Lofty Fulton, international voice-over artist
It’s easy to book a big voice… every agency has one… every talent does one.

What’s not so easy is to feel comfortable that your audio project is in good vocal hands… to predict the future… to see how your session will turn out.

So it’s fair to say you might call for the voice, but you want it to come with vocal intelligence.

If you need a big voice with vocal intelligence on your next project, you need Lofty.


Experienced In:

Corporate Events
Radio and TV Imaging

Client Testimonials

A gravel road never sounded so smooth. Impending doom was never more welcomed. The strong armed full pace of sporting power was never more precise.
These are the key elements in the vocal stew Lofty serves in every session. For clients, he brings the importance that every product and project deserves and in my position
As a writer he takes direction, he gives interpretation and is always laser-focused on getting the job done in a timely fashion.

But I’m not the only one – I’m not alone in my comments – ask around, Ian ‘Lofty’ Fulton is universally respected and recommended by writers, producers, engineers and clients for
His consistency in all categories of his craft.

Geoff Esdaile

Senior Creative Writer, Southern Cross Austereo Brisbane

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