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International Voice-Over Artist

Lofty Fulton

It’s easy to book a big voice… every agency has one… every talent does one.

What’s not so easy is to feel comfortable that your audio project is in good vocal hands… to predict the future… to see how your session will turn out.

So it’s fair to say, you might call for the voice, but you want it to come with vocal intelligence.

Lofty Fulton has a big voice – that’s clear!

It’s a hard-working voice… and a voice that works hard – there’s a difference.

His hard-working tonal quality means it can deliver darkened-alleyway mystery, World Series sportsman-like victory, Formula One fuel-injected automated power, or fine aged single malt whiskey smoothness

But because he’s also a voice talent that works hard, Lofty comes with vocal intelligence – to understand and interpret intonation to create effect, to inject pace without sacrificing timing, and the smarts to know when saying nothing at all can be the sweetest sound of any session.

The real-world result of this means you save time, you get exactly what you wanted sooner, with a variety of options that deliver a better-than-expected end result.

Lofty has over 25 years experience reading, performing and most importantly supporting writers and producers in creating projects around the world.

If you need a big voice with vocal intelligence on your next project, you need Lofty!

How to Work with Lofty

Although based just a short drive from Sydney, Australia, on the beautiful New South Wales South Coast, Lofty is easily accessible to you, wherever in the world you may be.

If you can’t work face to face and in person at the studio of your choice, no problem, with his professional home studio you can direct the session via Skype and have your files delivered via Dropbox or if you prefer, join Lofty via Source Connect.

Simply reach out to one of his agents to start the ball rolling.

Client Testimonials

Lofty’s voice has been an intrinsic part of MasterChef Australia. He does an incredible job and is undoubtedly part of the MasterChef family.
Peter Newman

Managing Director, Unscripted Content, Endemol Shine Australia

2GB is home to some of the biggest names in radio broadcasting, but there is no bigger voice on 2GB than Lofty Fulton. For well over a decade Lofty has been the imaging voice of 2GB, and in recent years we have added Lofty’s power to 4BC. Lofty is a consummate professional and a big part of 2GB’s rating success.
Christopher Gregson

Network Creative Director / Head of Production, 2GB

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E: lofty@loftyfulton.com

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